Conception “Investment model of “Black Sea Perl” – the Black Sea coast tourist-recreation complex of Mykolayiv Region development”

Mykolayiv region has a strong history-cultural and recreational potential for modern tourist infrastructure development. However, in the absence thereof complex planning and studying of the territories, tourist-recreation complex of the region is not enough presented today as the only segment of economic complex of the region and of the country at the national and international tourist markets. The development of health-resort zones is mostly spontaneous by temporary schemes and doesn’t provide complex solution of the main problems and also of state usу of recreation and health resort areas.

The activity of private sector isn’t legal anywhere. No one of resort-recreation areas has the conception of development plan; the questions of drainage system, strong water supply and complex service are not decided. Only some of health institutions work over the real renovation of their resource base and wide-spreading of information about their activity. The proven territories of health mud in the Tylyhul and Bejkush estuaries are also not in use. There is no integrated approach about development of existing resort resources among executive authorities, local governments and private sector. Transport infrastructure is characterized by low capacity, not high quality of the roadway on the main routes, scarcity of parking places and stops.

The project “Black Sea Pearl” has a purpose to create new image of the region as a voluminous and independent brand under the slogan “Mykolayiv region is a territory attractive for tourism and rest”. The realization of this project has to decide social problems of the recreational complex such as low effectiveness of  owned nature recourses usage, low employment in resort business, low number of workplaces, uneven distribution and placing of the tourists, sea water and coastal strip pollution, potentially low money entry into the budgets of all levels.

The priority activities for realization of the conception “Black Sea Pearl” provide for creating of the coordination body during 2008-2009, inventory of the territories, analysis of lease and social partnership, preproject works, the beginning of infrastructure objects building, personnel training.

At the second stage (2010-2011 years) it is planning to build the objects of resort-recreational purposes, to strengthen the coastal strip, to work over reconstruction of transport and engineering infrastructure, to renew the historical and cultural centers at the expense of different kind investments.

The third stage (2011-2012) provides to complete building of the unfinished objects, to complete the infrastructure object’s modernization, to complete the elaboration and implementation of the complex cultural-entertaining actions on the territory of tourist-recreational area, to display lighting of the complex “Black Sea Pearl”.

The implementation of the programme “Black Sea Pearl” will give an opportunity:

-         To increase the level of usage of Black Sea basin balneological (spa) health factors;

-         To create the conditions for the full-fledged health improvement and rest for more than 200 thousand people at the same time (from them – 7 thousand children);

-         To increase the budget receipts no less than to 100 million Hryvnas till 2012 year;

-         To keep the history architectural environment at the same time creating modern resort-recreational infrastructure;

-         To create about 2 thousand new workplaces;

-         To improve socio-economic situation at the Mykolayiv region coast.

And the main thing is really to transform tourist-recreation complex of the region into priority area.